What You Don't Know About Those Instagram Gym Selfies



Have you noticed the gym-selfie boom that's hit social media lately?

Instagram feeds are plastered with gym selfies of men and women getting their 'strong on'. Maybe you too, have jumped on the bandwagon and posted a selfie or two.

It's fun to motivate others, right?

Nevertheless, many people think these gym-lovers are full of ego and are all about looking impeccable and it's all just for show.

Do you want to know the truth? They know something that you don't know.

They know that strength training is one of the BEST health regimens that you can add to your life and we want to share why.


Early AM Workouts Are Awesome

Gym-goers will tell you that an early morning strength training session is the best part of their day. It gives them something to look forward to. The grind and the commitment pays off in big ways. It gets them pumped to face the day, makes them feel amazing and improves mental focus and clarity. Win-win, don't you think?


EPOC is At Work For You All Day Long

After a morning workout, metabolism is boosted and keeps your body burning calories all day long. This process is called EPOC. It stands for Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption.  Essentially, our body uses more oxygen after exercise than before exercise, and we expend more calories during our recovery from exercise than we do before exercise. This is the reason for all the big smiles in those Instagram gym selfies!


Time to Break the Stereotype

As I mentioned earlier, sometimes the confidence seen in those flashy Instagram gym selfies is often mistaken for conceitedness. Strength Training helps you become the best version of yourself, not only physically, but mentally. Why shouldn't we be proud of feeling and looking our best? They put in the hard work and it certainly pays off. Be the one who supports them.


Training Has Huge Benefits

Skinny is healthy. WRONG! We see it all over the media. What the 'Instagram gym-lover' knows that you don't, is that strength training helps your health in incredible ways and none of which involves being skinny. Strength training builds strong bones and muscles, lowers blood pressure, helps you sleep better, improves posture, reduces back pain, lessens stress levels, boosts energy, burns calories, and helps you lose body fat. Now those are all FREE secrets you can't see in those Instagram gym selfies!


In a world struggling with obesity, this is a wonderful movement towards better health indeed. Follow their lead. Be supportive. Post your own inspirational Instagram gym selfies. It's time to get healthy.


Tell us what you think!


So enjoy being Curly and Fit for Life,

Sabrina Tutt, Founder of Curly Girl Fitness

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