Activewear and T-Shirts for Women & Children. 

Hello, I am Sabrina, founder of Curly Girl Fitness, A Black women-owned clothing brand! Products made in the USA! 

Our brand supports women, women of color and children with natural curls to stay on their fitness journey and to embrace your health. Be proud of who you are, where you've come from, and most importantly, where your future is headed! 

Did you know that Curly Girls are born with amazing self-confidence and powerful inner strength?

Curly haired girls are most often perceived to be courageous, outspoken, and spontaneous. Naturally curly hair is often associated with a fun-loving, warm hearted, caring, and outgoing personalities!

We know you deal with a crazy, busy life! But we know women's wellness matters to you. Curly Girl Fitness sees the time you are putting in. We see the changes you make. Stay focused on your fit journey. Reach those weight loss goals. Start healthy habits. Get fit for life.

Curly Girl Fitness hopes you enjoy and wear our women's fitness clothing line knowing your hard work will pay-off. You will get the results you are looking for. Keep going!

You've got this girl, 

Sabrina Williams-Tutt  


Get Curly and Fit for Life !!