3 Habits to Start for Faster Weight loss

3 Habits to Start For Faster Weight Loss

3 Habits to Start for Faster Weight Loss

1. Slow Down the Pace of Your Life 

Going through life fast leads to overeating, eating bad food, and being overwhelmed. Be more aware of your food choices. Choose to buy and eat healthier options. Don't forget that you control what you eat, how fast you eat, and the portions you are eating. Did you hear that? You control your weight loss! 

Do you have too much to do? Are you overloaded? Are you constantly stressed? Stress can cause weight gain  Read this excerpt from an article in FullScript. Stress activates the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis which initiates the release of powerful hormones and neurotransmitters to prepare the body to fight. But when the HPA axis activation becomes chronic, it can contribute to weight gain. One key stress hormone, cortisol, is particularly troublesome because when it is chronically elevated, it causes fat to be stored around the waistline; and the higher the cortisol level, the more fat that is stored. 

2. Power Walk or Exercise 

20 minutes of exercise each day to burn calories, get your heart rate up, and  move those muscles. Play tennis. Go swimming. Do a full-body workout video.   Grab a friend and walk at work. Dust off that fitness equipment at home and use it!
If you don't like workouts or don't have time. Power walk 20 minutes each day or more, every chance you get. Doing this daily, sheds pounds and tones! Swing your arms forward and backward as you walk, this motion gets that dreaded backfat area! It also helps you gain momentum. This can easily be done in your driveway or around your house or even on your break at work. Add ankle weights or carry dumbbells for advanced powerwalking! 

3. Eat More Leafy Green Salads as Your Meal

 Leafy greens give SUPERPOWER to your body! Top your salads with protein such as chicken, ham, or turkey. Add veggies, fruit, nuts, and cheese. Watch the weight start disappearing when you switch out your fast-food, unhealthy meals with leafy green salads full of the good stuff. Try this delicious recipe for Greek Salad .
Take these 3 tips and run with them! You will see faster weight loss after a couple months. You will be healthier and happier. You will love how you feel and look. Won't the changes be worth it? Let us know what you think below. Help us keep growing and reaching people and helping! 

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