10 Women's Biggest Belly Fat Complaints and How to Lose it

Belly fat is the worst! It just makes life more difficult. It's so ugly. Why does it happen? Why isn't there an easy fix? Why is it important to have a strong core? What moves strengthen the core?

We (20 friends and ladies here at Curly Girl Fitness) had a zoom discussion about this topic recently and it was remarkably interesting. We'd like to tell you about it. 

10 Womens Biggest Belly Fat Complaints and How to Lose it

Women's Biggest Belly Fat Complaints 

  • I don't like how I look in clothes.
  • I'm embarrassed to go out in public.
  • My tummy will not go away no matter what I try.
  • Shapewear just doesn't cut it.
  • Nothing I've tried works.
  • I am self-conscious about it. 
  • It's lowered my self-esteem and self-worth and mental wellness.
  • My extra belly fat has directly affected my marriage.
  • It would just be nice for it to be gone.
  • Childbirth ruined my stomach.

Core Strength and Your Health 

We knew that core strength was important, but we didn't realize how important it is to women's health. 

The real-world benefits of strengthening your core are discussed in this article from Harvard. They remind us that core strength means a healthier back, enjoying physical activity, aids balance and stability, and helps you have good posture. 

And in our research, we have discovered several written articles about how strengthening the core can reduce or eliminate urinary incontinence by restoring support to the pelvic organs and helping to control against bladder leakage. This was important information to us and urgent reasons for women to make core strength a focus. 

The Discussion  

It was a long discussion and a big opportunity to listen, learn, and swap information. I really enjoyed it because we could be honest, we made it a "Free to speak your mind." meeting.

The goal for us in the end was to discuss tummy toning and belly fat loss solutions that had proven to be effective. Even if we never stuck to it, it would be worth sharing if it was an effective tummy toning, core strengthening move! 

Everyone is Different 

We all agreed that everyone is different. Our lives are different., work/ careers, family dynamics, health, schedules, and the list goes on. There are no one-size fits all solutions. Committing to an effective core strengthening regimen or moves that easily fit into your day.

Effective Abdominal Exercises 

We shared what doesn't work and did not fit into their lives. The women at this meeting had an easy time sharing what they'd wish for these moves to be. 

  1. It had to be super effective.
  2. Takes up little time. 
  3. Some wanted to avoid getting down on the floor.
  4. They preferred no equipment.
  5. They hoped to see results in just weeks.
  6. Able to exercises in a small space. 

The Results are in! Here are the most effect tummy fat blasting moves, determined by a group of real women according to their firsthand experiences and training! 

10 Womens Biggest Belly Fat Complaints and How to Lose it

Power Walking 

Walking fast, or powerwalking is a tummy buster! Pump your arms and walk as fast as you can without running. This will burn calories, get the blood pumping, strengthen your leg muscles, and blast away body and belly fat. 

Why Power Walking Beats Running: 3 Hidden Benefits

 10 Womens Biggest Belly Fat Complaints and How to Lose it


Planks were not a popular choice with the women because you need to get down on the floor. However, planks are powerhouse core moves. Strengthen all your abdominal muscles with plank variations. Side planks are super effective to work your oblique muscles. Planks are surprisingly challenging, but you will be surprised at the results. Commit to daily planks! 

 10 Womens Biggest Belly Fat Complaints and How to Lose it

 Single Leg Sprint  

Get into a lower lung position with your right knee bent, your left leg straight behind you. Lift left knee to the chest, use core, bring leg back to ground, Use arms. Swing them as if you were running. Do 15 reps on one side. Repeat on opposite side. Increase reps. 


Standing Toe Touch 

Stand with your legs shoulder width apart. Lift the right leg and food out in front of you and touch your toe. Feel and focus on lifting with the abdominal muscles. Alternate to the other leg. Slow and steady motions. Do 15 reps on one side. Repeat on opposite side. Increase reps. 

We determined as a group that we weren't going to let the belly fat conquer us! Agreeing our health depends on us keeping the core strong. Committing to daily core exercises that are simple, effective, and fast! Be happy and be core strong! 

Comment and tell us what core move work for you! 

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