5 Tips for Starting a Better Relationship with Food

Do you have a good or bad relationship with food?

Whichever is your answer, the truth is, it can determine your future and your length of life.  

Our body systems need vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to run properly. If we do not feed the body good fuel, it will lead to a life full of medications, doctor's visits, expensive testing, hospital stays, and life-long disease. 

Without proper nutrition you begin to develop diseases such as diabetes, obesity, congestive heart failure, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, stroke, and even cancer. 

Have you decided recently to change your eating habits? Here's where to begin!  


5 Tips for starting a better relationship with food

 5 Tips for Starting a Better Relationship with Food


1. Make the Connection: Food, Calories, and Weight Gain  

The amount of calories people eat and drink directly impact their weight: Consume the same number of calories that the body burns over time, and weight stays stable. Consume more than the body burns, weight goes up. Less, weight goes down.

People who stuff themselves with food all day long, are packing in the calories. The weight will never come off. Be mindful of the number of calories you are eating. Slow down. Be aware. Cut back on calories and the amounts of food you are taking in. 


2. Set Yourself Up for Success

Do you research. Make a list of healthier choices. Choose more whole foods that have protein, fiber, and nutrients. Keep these on hand instead. If you don't purchase junk food and bring it home, you can't eat it. 


 5 Tips for Starting a Better Relationship with Food

3. Understand the Value of Nutritious Food 

Eating nutritious food full of vitamins and minerals is the key to less diseases, medications, medical testing, hospital stays, trips to the doctor's office, better skin, being mentally healthy, and a longer life. 

If you eat boxed food, processed food, or eat out a lot you are feeding your body ingredients that are terrible for your health. I ask myself every day why companies can get away with putting these ingredients in our food. We should stand up and demand this NOT happen. 

A good goal is to eat nutritious whole foods throughout your day. 


4. Find New Recipes or Create Your Own

Look up recipes with nutritious ingredients using whole foods. Cook these foods at home for your meals. Prepare lunches to take to work from these recipes. Many of these recipes can be prepared then frozen. Furthermore, you can double your recipe and freeze an entire meal for an easy, pop-in the oven meal for a busy day! Makes life much easier! 

 5 Tips for Starting a Better Relationship with Food

5. Conquer Addictions, Bad Habits, and Mindset

Get your mind right! Think about what you are putting in your mouth. Food addictions are real. Addictions to caffeine, sugar, and salt to name a few. Do your research and find healthier substitutes such as, a healthier sugar substitute. Nevertheless, it does take time to break addictions and create new, healthier habits. Once you find healthier choices it's so much easier to succeed! 


Sum it up! 

You can have a better relationship with food! Start today and implement these simple changes, give yourself grace! If you fall off the wagon, just pick yourself up and continue the healthy habits. Don't give in. 


You can retrain your body and your mind to beat food cravings. You can become healthier and shed pounds with these tips.     

--------Have you had success with starting healthier habits and a better relationship with food? Tell me about it! 


I am Sabrina, CEO here at Curly Girl Fitness! 

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 5 Tips for Starting a Better Relationship with Food



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