Why Women Love Weight Training

If you ask women from different parts of the world how they stay in shape, you'll get variety of answers. Because what works for 1 woman doesn't always work for the other.


Some may enjoy activities such as jogging, swimming and others might prefer to take a Yoga or Pilates class. However, the common denominator is that women want to look and feel their best.


Lately, a new fitness craze has taken over. Look at your Instagram feed to find thousands of women enjoying weight training. They are strong, fit, confident and have a big smile on their face.


Recently, I dove in to do a little research on why so many women are lifting weights. I can't wait to share what I found out with you! Keep reading.



Why Women Love Lifting Weights


Builds Self-Confidence

Strength training is good for the mind, body and spirit. It feels great when your body can do whatever you want it to. Women everywhere say that you gain confidence in yourself and your body and that's a wonderful thing.  



Helps Keep You Fit

Lifting weights helps you to look fabulously fit! You see results in a short period of time. Many of us have tried programs or workouts and 6 months into it, no changes. That can be a real downer. As you lift weights your body becomes more efficient at burning calories. Weight drops, and those sexy curves begin to appear. 



Starts the Day Off Right

There is no better way to start your morning than with a good old sweaty weight training session to pump you up. I can personally tell you that after weight lifting, your energy goes through the roof and you feel as if you can take on the world!



 Blasts Away Belly Fat

Supercharge your core. Lifting weights fires up your core and helps you blast away unwanted belly fat. Bye-Bye fat, hello 6-pack! 



Builds Strong Bones and Muscle

Weight training increases bone density which we tend to lose as we age. Keeping us from risk of osteoporosis. Lifting weights improves balance and builds muscle mass and connective tissue strength. Cheers for strong bones and muscles!



Zaps Stress

Pumping iron is a big stress reliever. Physical activity of any kind releases chemicals in the brain that fight the sensation of pain and stress. When you are focused on your training, the problems of the world seem to fade away.



Make New Friends

Many women will tell you they felt lonely, depressed and had very low self-esteem before starting a strength training program. This program gave them a new outlook on life, confidence and they found a great new group of supportive friends. 


Doesn't  that sound great? Life can get busy. We tend to put our own fitness and health on the back burner. It's time to change that.



Join a strength training class at a local facility with other women. Make new friends. Find inspiration and support. You will be surprised at the many ways that it will change your life.

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How has strength training changed your life?


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