Healthy Summer Family Fun


healthy summer family fun

Summer is finally here. Staying healthy and fit is important for the entire family. When you can find healthy activities to do together, something special happens.

Curly Girl Fitness loves to support your health and fitness goals. Today, we would like to share with you some of the BEST ways to have healthy summer family fun and what's even better, is they are low-cost or free!


Hit the Water Parks

Laughter, water, memories, fun and fitness makes water parks an incredible choice for summer family fun. Swimming is great exercise! Research parks and prices in your area. Discounted rates are often given with summer passes. Also check on the internet for special deals and rates. Groupon offers deals all the time.


Drive-In Movies

Yes, they still exist. Nighttime summer family fun watching a movie outside from the comfort of your own vehicle or bring lawn chairs. Grab the popcorn and candy and enjoy the show! This is a great 'mental' stress reliever because it's relaxing and that's good for everyone's health. The cost is way lower than attending a movie at the theatre. Most drive-ins charge one price per car.


Visit A State Park

State parks are filled with summer family fun! Sight-seeing, animals, hiking, fishing, swimming, and history lessons. Memories, fitness, fun and education all wrapped up into 1 great getaway. And most are free or very minimal entrance fees! Do some research on the State Park you wish to visit ahead of time and see what things have to offer. Escape to the outdoors for peace, beauty, fresh air and much more! 


Plan a Day at an Amusement Park

Oh, how the kids will love you! Screams of joy, cotton candy, games and thrilling rides. However, all that walking is a fabulous way to fit in a day of family exercise. Right? Again, check around for discounts on the internet.


Take a Daily Family Bike Ride

A bike ride is the perfect way to bring the family closer together with fitness. Hop on, feel the breeze, destress and make memories that will last forever! Head on out to that garage and dig out those bikes for summer family fun that's free!


Shop your Local Farmer's Market

Summer is a wonderful time to buy fresh, home grown seasonal food from your local farmer's market. These little farm markets are packed with power foods. Get the whole family involved in picking out fresh fruits and vegetables. Find new recipes and prepare healthy meals together. "The family that cooks together, has fun together!" is our philosophy. 


Look around you, summer is a filled with endless opportunities for families to be healthy and fit together. Make memories, share laughter and enjoy summer family fun to the fullest.

How does your family enjoy summer fun?


Enjoy being Curly and Fit for Life,

Sabrina Tutt, Founder of Curly Girl Fitness

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We have something for everyone in the entire family.


healthy summer family fun

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