The Daily Routines in My House That Save My Sanity

Hey busy moms! Are you exhausted by the end of each day? Do you feel like there's just not enough hours in a day to get it all done? Do you need a break or more help? Is life just too crazy?    

busy mom

There are a few things that I want to share with you today that improved this part of my life and made a positive difference in my family's lives as well.  

Blogging is a way for me to share thoughts and ideas. I enjoy that! We can all learn things from each other. 

I want to talk about simple daily routines! Routines that will add structure, organization, time management, heathier living, and teamwork into your lives. Wouldn't you agree these are all good skills to have and to pass on to your children? 

Read my suggestions to make your life as a mom, a little easier, and your days go a little smoother!   


The Daily Routines in My House That Save My Sanity


Slow Down - Be in the Moment More

Slow down and breathe. Sit down. Deep breaths in, deep breaths out. Enjoy 10-15 minutes of doing nothing and being in the moment. You do not have to do it all or worry about doing it all or doing anything at all at this moment. 

I had programmed myself to go like the Energizer bunny! Constantly moving from one task on my to-do list to another. I asked myself one day as I was sitting outside on the patio (a 3-year-old patio that I had sat on maybe 2 times in those 3 years) why do I feel like I always must be doing something? I was determined to stop this habit right then. 

Nothing happens overnight, but slowing down and just being in the moment is something I think many moms and dads would both benefit from doing this more. 


Eat Meals Together

Eating together at the dinner table has always been important to me and my family for generations.

Its quality time spent together listening and sharing how our days have gone. It's a face-to-face discussion without electronics or cell phones. Children need this open communication and dialog with their parents at every age. 

Feeling heard and supported by family members is important. Mealtime is a great time for light conversation and listening. Laughing and smiling and winding down the day with people you love around the dinner table is priceless. Don't you agree? 


Everyone Pitches In

Everyone helps prepare dinner! Not just mom or dad. Kids can stir things, add a dash of this, dip out a helping of that, and even help set the table. Dad can help prepare meals and serve the food. And everyone cleans up together. I love this concept of teamwork. It helps me out greatly! 

Same goes in our home for the kids keeping their rooms clean, completing homework, helping around the house, and preparing the night before for the next school day. It teaches my children responsibility, organization, and time management. All important lessons. And guess what, it helps me and their father out a lot! 




Establish More Daily Routines 

Routines have helped my family to remember to do important daily tasks. We start and end the day with showering, bathing, brushing teeth, and skincare routines.

We also lay out clothes, shoes, books, and supplies for work or school the next day. Now, that routine has changed our mornings in a very positive way! We don't run late and the stress level in the morning has helped us all head to work and school in better moods! Try it! 


Stop Doing Everything for Everybody

Do family members yell for mom and mom comes running to do whatever they ask of you? Stop doing that! They can do things for themselves. Let them. 

You don't want to raise or promote lazy behavior in children. If they always depend on mom to figure out or do it for them, they do nothing and learn nothing.

Let them make decisions, choices, and be responsible on their own. These are life-learning skills that everyone needs.

These daily routines make mom's life less busy and stressful. And improves everybody's mental health. The entire household will thrive! 


What routines do you have in your home? 


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