9 Ways to Uplift Yourself When You Feel Unhappy

Feeling unhappy can take over your life. 

When it does, things can seem to spiral out of control. 

You feel so down and crawling out of that space seems impossible. 

Sleep is rare. Your smile is gone. Everything feels numb. 

What can you do about it? 

Push through and make changes in your life. You can do this. 

9 Ways to Uplift Yourself When You Feel Unhappy

9 Ways to Uplift Yourself When You Feel Unhappy


1. Get Up and Face Your Day 

Start by setting the alarm and only allow yourself to set the snooze once! Force yourself to jump in that hot shower and refresh. Put on clothes you love and feel-good in. Eat a nutritious breakfast. Don't overwhelm yourself with long to-do lists. Choose 3 things to get accomplished and tackle them. What to Do When You Can’t Get Out of Bed


2. Stop Dreading Your Job

I hear people talk about how bad they hate their job all the time. This is stressing you out and keeps you down. Change your outlook. Focus on what you DO LIKE about your job. You have great hours and co-workers, and you have nice bonuses. Your job could be way worse. If you can't find something GOOD about your job, it's time to change jobs! 


3. Set Dates with Friends or Family

Being around loved ones is very healing for your soul. I know for myself, when I gather with friends or family I laugh more, and it just feels good! Here are some suggestions of fun time with them. 

  • Game night
  • Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner
  • Day trips
  • Shopping 
  • Tours 
  • Getaways 


4. Spend Quiet Time with Yourself Every Day 

The world is very noisy. Our schedules are usually overloaded. We are trying to pay bills, work, take care of the family, and ourselves. Who gets lost in the shuffle? You. Every single day you need to find those little moments and spaces where you can deep breath and relax. Here you will find more peace and sanity. Stop Rushing Through Life: How to Slow Down and Enjoy it More


5. Take on Healthier Changes-Challenge Yourself 

Our health has everything to do with our happiness. If you don't feel good, you are unhappy. If you've said "I need to lose weight or I need to eat better or I need to exercise" do it. Don't prolong it. Start small but stick to it. No one can do it but you. If you mess up, start again. It feels so good to actually accomplish your GOALS! 


6. Always Remind Yourself of Your BEST Qualities

Are you like millions of other women out there that are comparing yourself to the Instagram queens? Stop it. Shut that social media off. That's all a big show. Shut it off and live in the real world. Look in the mirror what you have inside you is amazing! Talent, skills, brains, looks, love, and humor. Put them to work in the real world with real people. 


7. Focus on Getting More Sleep

Not sleeping is slowly hurting your body and your mood. There are things you can change to help.

  • Find a better pillow
  • Make your bed with comfortable bedding
  • Shut off all electronics 2 hours before bedtime
  • Read a book before bed
  • Take a bath or shower before bed
  • Do not eat before bed and no caffeine 
  • Have a set bedtime
  • Make your room quiet and cozy 


8. Don't Live Your Life Miserable

Get rid of what weighs you down. Only you can change this. Stop waiting for something to happen, it's killing you. What or who that is damaging your happiness, needs to go. Stop hesitating. You are RESPONSIBLE for what is going on in your life and you can do something about it. 


9. Find Someone Who Needs Your Help

Help someone. It will uplift you like nothing else in this world. Open your eyes, look around. Help a struggling child or teen. Go check on a neighbor. Be there for your cousin or nephew. Volunteer somewhere in your community. Make a difference in someone's life because a persons overall health and mental health matters! 


We would love to know how you relate to this blog today, please comment below! 


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