The Best Reasons to Join Your Local Gym

Are you still on your fitness journey? Do you want to finally lose weight and tone up your body?

It can be exhausting can't it?

Knowing what to eat, what not to eat. Feeling guilty about eating period. Ugh! 

Low carb, keto, roller skating, and biking are some popluar crazes right now in the fitness world for weight loss. Have you tried any of them? 

The latest Tik Tok and Instagram fitness influencers and coaches are filling our feeds with mega gym workouts and power moves. Do you actually do them? 

What do they know that we don't know?

What they know is that paired with healthy food choices, the gym is one of the fastest ways to lose the weight! Joining a gym can change your life in incredible ways. Read how!

 The Best Reasons to Join Your Local Gym

1. Strengthen, Tone, and Slim Down Quickly

Strength training, lifting weights, and cardio will help you shed weight and get that sleek body you've been wanting. 

Show up every day that you can. Stay commited. 

Increase your reps. Increase your weight. Make sure you take rest days. Transform your body in just a few short months at the gym.     


2. Trainers will Educate You

Don't worry if you are not familiar with lifting weights, strength training, or how to start with workouts because trainers are there to help guide you.

Trainers should listen to your goals and recommend where to begin. 

I actually called my gym and I asked to be shown around by a trainer before I joined. I discussed my goals with that trainer and he showed me the right equimpent to get started. He was very helpful. 

I suggest you do the same.  Ask them if they have classes with trainers? Good trainers and a good gym will be happy to guide you. In fact, write down any questions that you have and get them answered at this first visit. If they are not helpful, move on to another gym! 


3. You will Become Addicted - In A Good Way 

My days are always busy from daylight to dark. I had no idea how I could squeeze in a gym session. I wanted to try to go to the gym every other day. I sat down, wrote out my schedule and obligations and made it happen. 

Of course, I will tell you that I recommend joining a gym that is open mostly 24/7 so you can find 1-hour of your free time daily and go! When a gym has more open hours, it's so much easier to find time. Then it becomes a very healthy habit! And the more you go, the quicker you get the body you want! 



4. The Results You Want will Come in Time

Be patient. Your results cannot happen over night. Keep moving forward on your fitness journey. Stay committed. Watch and learn from other gym members. 

Hard work always pays off. When you actually begin to start seeing results, it motivates you to keep going! 

Ditch the scale and take measurements of bust/chest, mid torso, waist, hips, legs, and arms. Take measurements every 2-months.  Watch your inches drop! Then celebrate! 

 the best reasons to join your local gym

5. Your Eating Habits will Change

Because you are toning your body, you begin to understand that what you eat is directly related to your weight loss results. Do your research into clean eating. Ask gym members what they eat. Ask the coaches what they eat. 

Make food lists before you go to the store . Be prepared. It makes a big difference if you stick to the list, you don't toss cupcakes in your cart! 

 the best reasons to join your local gym

6. Your Gym Workout Becomes the Best Part of Your day

Seriously! It does. If you have scheduled time for your gym session just like a dentist appointment, then you will succeed! You will feel so refreshed and good about pumping that iron. 

Read this! There are gyms (Planet Fitness is one of them) that have a 30-minute workout room. It has equipment lined up and numbered. You sit it on the first piece of equipment and the photo shows you how to use it and what part of the body it targets. It's great! 

Each piece of equipment works a different part of the body. Each piece of equipment has weights that you can adjust. By the time you get all the way around, you've done a whole-body workout in just 30-minutes, without a trainer! There is a red light and green light that tell you when to move on to the next number. However, you can go at your own pace as well. 


7. Meet New People Easily 

It's hard these days to make new friends. The gym is definitely a place to focus on yourself. However, there's no reason that you can't make friends too! Say "Good morning", "Hello" or "How are you doing today."  Look them in the eyes and smile! You never know you may make a new friend! 


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