Jumpstart Your Day with A Morning Routine


Do your mornings start off with a bang when the alarm goes off? The race is on. Kids, breakfast, work preparation, school, and possibly 10 minutes for yourself to toss your hair back, put on some makeup, and grab an apple. 

There just aren't enough hours in the day. 

We want to share some ways to Jumpstart Your Day with A Morning Routine. Improve your health and make the most out of your time.  


Place A To-Go Basket Near the Front Door

Organize your life for a better start to your day. Place a to-go basket near the front door. The night before, layout your clothes, shoes, bags, lunch box pantry items, backpacks, laptop, files, books, and whatever you need to be on your way and out the door the next morning. This habit will be a life changer! 



Wake Up Earlier  

Wake up earlier, so you don't have to rush. Don't dread it, just do it. When you set your alarm a little earlier, it gives you more time to prepare for the day and start the day off with less stress. Soon, it becomes a routine that makes your life much easier. 


Spend 15-Minutes Doing Physical Fitness

15-Minutes is all it takes to get your blood pumping, send oxygen to your lungs and muscles, help you feel invigorated, and help keep your body toned just the way you want it. Sounds perfect, right? Here are some ideas for you to make it happen. 

Shower & Moisturize to Refresh

Nothing wakes you up and gets you going like a refreshing shower. Don't forget the important step of moisturizing because your skin will love you. This is certainly one step I know that I can't miss, my skin tells me for sure. Check out this article

The 34 Best Face Moisturizers for All Skin Types in 2022

Which one is for you? Make it a morning routine after your 15-minutes of physical fitness and you will feel ready to face the day and anything that comes your way. 


 egg muffins quick breakfast

Prepare Simple, Healthy Breakfasts 

Don't skip breakfast. Breakfast is essential. It helps you to focus better. Give your brain nutrients! Give your body essential vitamins and minerals to help maintain a healthy weight and prevent diseases. Here are some quick breakfast ideas.


Jumpstart Your Day with A Morning Routine -Take 10-Minutes for Yourself 

Before you go running out the door stop, sit, relax, and breathe. Take ten for yourself. Enjoy a cup of coffee or tea. Reflect on all the great things and people in your life. Even if this is a time of struggle for you, have faith it will all work out. Know that this 10-minutes can start your day stress-free and that's amazing. 


Share a habit that is part of your morning routine. We'd love to hear some new ideas. 


I'm Sabrina, and we are Curly Girl Fitness we want to support and encourage you and your family to take steps to live a healthier lifestyle! While you are visiting our website, check out our fitness apparel shop with styles you will love and that make perfect gifts! Shop Now.



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