How to Stay Motivated to Tackle a Daily Workout

Do you dread doing a workout of any kind? Believe me, you are not alone! I've been there. 

However, I know that exercising is essential for me to stay in shape. 

And I had to write this post today to share a few tricks that I've learned.

Hopefully, these tips will motivate you, because when you are motivated you become excited and you take action! Action gets results! (I like that statement :)  


How to Stay Motivated to Tackle a Daily Workout

How to Workout At Home To Blast Fat


Set a Routine

Routines are incredible for myself and my family. If you don't believe me implement a bedtime routine for your children and stick to it. The results you see will change your life and theirs in many incredible ways. 

Routines teach important life lessons such as responsibility, time management, boundaries, organization, and respect. In time, you'll all begin to realize just how amazing routines are and the benefit of keeping them as part of your life. 

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Use Your Spare Time Wisely

Spare time can be found if you look hard enough, even with a full calendar. You may have to wake up earlier, take an early lunch, or do a quick workout before bed or even after dinner. Regardless, it pays off. 

Oftentimes, you can find me at night by my bedside using resistance bands or lifting kettlebells because the day got away from me. 

What matters is that you are moving and burning unwanted calories away. It builds stronger bones and joints. Exercise helps improve circulation, mobility, and tones and builds the muscle definition you want. 

Seriously, the trick is using your spare time better! Look at how you are wasting 15-20 minutes of time you could be toning up right in your own living room! And it's FREE with online workout videos.

Stop scrolling and start rockin' a home workout video. Try this one, 

Find Your Motivation 

No one can force you to workout. However, you will find rockin' videos out there that with coaching that can inspire you. It's an incredible feeling when you are actually moving towards a goal! 

Make a playlist that you like on your phone. Put those ear buds in and get motivated to stay healthy. It's true what they say, "music makes the world go around." Or get a blue tooth speaker. Start a song list for your workout. 

Grab a friend! Yes! A workout buddy can help you get motivated, stay motivated, help you stay committed, and this all leads to results. 

Read more about it here Science Says Working Out With a Friend Is *Actually* Better for You—Here’s Why

Online Calendars are Wonderful

If you don't have an online calendar, get one! They are impressive! My pick is Google Calendar. It truly saves my brain from overload! Because remembering everything is such a challenge and I do tend to overbook myself alot! 

I enjoy the alerts on my phone and through my email. These are extremely helpful! It's like your mom calling you to say "hey you need to remember to pick me up a bag of sugar." It's an extra reminder and it's wonderful. Try it! 


Use Millions of FREE Online Videos 

Pull up Instagram and find exercise videos that work the entire body or certain areas you wish to focus on. 

Facebook Reels, Youtube, or Google are wonderful platforms to find fabulous power moves too. 

These videos are FREE! Do what I do, save the links of your favorite fat-blasting videos to an online notebook. I use my Microsoft notebook OneNote. It's perfect, but there are many others to start a video collection and when it's time for that workout, quickly pull it up and begin! 


Do It For You

I've learned over the years that women don't take care of themselves. You must set aside time for a quick, effective daily workout.This will help you fight diseases, stay toned, build muscles, enhance mobility, increase circulation, and help the brain function. A daily workout will extend your life. Start today! 


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