7 Daily Mistakes that Prevent You From Losing Weight

It seems like we are all looking for the quickest and easiest solution to weight loss. 

How many hours have you spent online searching for an answer? How much money have you spent on products to get the job done?

And I know why you do this, because I was the one searching as well. You want to look your best. You want to feel toned and sexy. You want to look fabulous in your clothes and feel good about yourself. You want to have self-confidence. 

But do you realize that you are making daily mistakes that's preventing your weight loss from happening? It's true. And it's not expensive to correct these mistakes. You just need to make a commitment. Let's talk about it.


7 Daily Mistakes that Prevent You From Losing Weight

Try These Improvements in Your Diet To Boost Weight Loss

 #1 Too Much Calorie Intake

Weight loss happens when you burn the daily calories that you take in. Daily caloric intake can vary per person depending on sex, activity level, and age. Proceed with caution and speak with your physician or dietician. Taking in too low of calories can be dangerous because your body isn't getting the nutrients you need. 

If you tend to overeat or stress eat, the reality may be that you are taking in way too many calories, which packs on the pounds. 

Cut back on your portion sizes. 

Currently, the recommended servings for a healthy dietary pattern are based on a 2,000-calorie diet for an average American. The daily amount recommendations are these 6 main food categories:

  • Vegetables (starchy and non starchy vegetables, beans, peas, lentils): 2½ cups
  • Fruits: 2 cups
  • Grains (whole and refined grains): 6 ounce-equivalents
  • Dairy: 3 cups
  • Protein (seafood, meat, poultry, eggs, nuts, seeds, soy products): 5½ ounce-equivalents
  • Oils: 27 grams  
This information serves as a guide but may vary depending on individual health conditions or disease, cultural food preferences and activity level.
The truth is...Overeating and emotional eating packs on the pounds. You can get this under control if you pay attention to your portion sizes. 

#2 You Aren't Meal Planning 

Here's A Tip: Make Lists

I love lists! They help me stay on track and organized. List vegetables, fruits, grains, dairy, protein, and oils that you will eat. List different ways to prepare them. List different ways to season them. List recipes to use them in. 

  • Plan the next 7 days' worth of meals.
  • Head to the store for ingredients.
  • Meal prep. 
Use what you purchased! Use those oranges, grapes, and tuna fish. Don't let them go to waste. Find more helpful meal prepping tips here. 

The 10 Best Tricks to Make Weekly Meal Prep a Breeze


#3 Eating Foods Without Nutritional Value 

Eat to give your body essential nutrients and vitamins that it needs to maintain a proper weight. Find them in the above 6 main food categories. Don't be afraid to try new foods.

Have you ever tried ginger? Ginger is a flowering plant whose rhizome, ginger root, or ginger, is widely used as a spice and a folk medicine. Ginger is amazing! It aids in weight loss, reduces pain, and helps with digestion. 

Do your research on foods with the most nutritional value. Discover new ways to add them into your daily meals. The benefits will be so worth it! 

100 Ways to Use Up Fresh Ginger Root

#4 Lack of Essential Proteins 

7 Daily Mistakes that Prevent You From Losing Weight

You are not eating protein at each meal. Protein should be a staple at each meal because it provides your body with essential vitamins and boosts metabolism. Protein also helps to preserve muscle mass and strength.

Eating more protein aids us in maintaing a healthy weight. The Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for protein is a modest 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weightor 0.36 grams per pound


#5 Having A Low Positive Self-Image

How we feel about ourself is our self-image. Self-image is a person's perception of themselves, including their physical appearance, personality, and characteristics.

Are you bullied about your weight or made fun of? Do you feel ashamed or depressed about it? It's no wonder that you do. People are cruel. They have no idea who you really are, and they are missing out. It's their loss. Hold your head up. think about your good qualities. 

Set yourself up to succeed with a healthier lifestyle. Meaning buy healthier food. Get moving and remember it takes time, but each healthier choice you make gets you closer to being healthier. And weight loss will come. I promise you. I've been there!

 Read this article for more helpful information on improving your self-image. 

Fostering a Positive Self-Image

7 Daily Mistakes that Prevent You From Losing Weight

#6 You Aren't Drinking Enough Water 

Sipping on a few bottles of water each day isn't cutting it ladies! I read that you need to drink one-half your weight in water (ounces per day) the source was a terrific book that I highly recommend.

Girl, Stop Apologizing: A Shame-Free Plan for Embracing and Achieving Your Goals

Lack of water means you feel achy, down, lazy, and don't want to do anything. Your body needs adequate water to function properly. And one of those functions is maintaining your body weight. 

 Oh wow! This might be why you never want to exercise or doing a healthy activity like walking, hiking, or hopping on your treadmill. This will prevent weight loss. 

#7 Emotional Eating 

Emotional eating can be caused by many different things such as being bullied or ashamedas mentioned above. You may find yourself stressed at work that you are constantly snacking. Maybe you have family or relationship issues, and you cope with all of it with food.

Whatever the reason, find the underlying cause of it. Take a step back and ask yourself why? Talk with your doctor or a dietitian. Emotional eating packs on the pounds and may be the root cause of your weight gain. 


So, have you learned anything today? I hope so because daily habits are super important to your health. If you can identify the unhealthy habits and correct them, you could be on your way to losing the weight and feeling better than you have in years.  


I am Sabrina, CEO here at Curly Girl Fitness! 

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