6 Powerful Ways to Reduce Stress in Your Life


Are you feeling stressed lately? Stress can lead to bigger health issues such as diabetes, obesity, heart attacks, anxiety, and depression.

You may be able to tell if you are stressed by experiencing these symptoms: headaches, confusion, lack of concentration, dizziness, sweating, exhaustion, digestion issues, weight gain, and chest pains.

Bottom line is that stress is no good! It affects your health and happiness in a negative way. We want to help you get rid of the stress in your life right now! Curly Girl Fitness is a community to support women and here are some solutions for you. 


1. Identify Your Stressor - Make A Change

Figure out what is stressing you out. Identifying "the stressor" is the first step or there may be more than 1 stressor in your life. Then "How can I get rid of the stress this is causing me?" Can I make a small change to the "stressor" to alleviate the stress? Is it going to take a major change such as getting rid of the stressor altogether? Make a decision. Then it's time to take action. Make a change.


2. Stop Overloading Yourself

Do you add too many things to your schedule? Too many obligations can definitely be stressful. It's time to 'lighten your load'. We know that you love helping other people, but you pay too dearly when yourself too thin. It's not healthy. Learn to say "No!"


3. Stretching

You see all over the internet that exercising can help improve many healthy issues. There's no doubt it will help lower a persons stress level, but if you dread exercising, I'm here to tell you the 2nd best thing is stretching! It improves your mobility, circulation, oxygen and breathing, bones, muscles, joints, and alleviates pain. Find a good whole body stretching routine. Learn it and do it faithfully! Try this one!


4. Become More Organized

Yes, being unorganized can cause major stress in our lives. Especially when it comes to paperwork. If you run a business or even with your home office, it's essential to know where everything is. The key is to have a home for everything. Everything you don't use, pitch or donate. Keep your paperwork in neat file folders. Use cute, colorful baskets to keep your area organized! It will put a smile on your face, which equals less stress! Learn more tips here!


5. Clean Your Clutter 

Start cleaning your clutter! Donate. Pitch. Clean. Challenge yourself to organized your surroundings. This can include: Your desk, office, bedroom, living room, pantry, and kitchen. Clutter can make you feel trapped, overwhelmed, and like you are drowning. Shape it up and feel better fast! 


6. Make More Time For Yourself

Are you enjoying life? If not, it's time you do. Make time for yourself and to do the things you love. Make time to soak in the tub, go for walks, enjoy your kids or grandkids, do a hobby, get outdoors, craft, read, or head to the gym! Whatever you enjoy put it on your priority list, because you should be enjoying every day of your life. Click here to learn how!

Guess what? You have the POWER to make all of this happen! 

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