5 Tips to Immediately Start Losing Weight And Toning Your Body

5 Tips to Immediately Start Losing Weight And Toning Your Body


We would all love to easily lose weight and tone up, right? 

However, we often get stuck where we are, and progress stops! 

We feel discouraged. We are not sure what to eat, so meals are skipped, stress sets in, and we begin overeating. It feels like too much pressure! Sound familiar?  

I'm here to tell you to pause, read these tips, and get started at your own pace without all the pressure. Here's how. 


5 Tips to Immediately Start Losing Weight And Toning Your Body

1. Be aware of every bite. You eat too fast and shovel it in. STOP. Slow down and open your eyes. With every bite you take be aware of what you are eating. Is it good fuel? Is it bad food feeding your depression and waistline? If it's not the good stuff, put it down. And don't buy it anymore or have it around. Say "no". 


2.  Make a list of healthy meal ideas. Make a list of foods that you can eat together for a meal. It really helps! Baked chicken, brown rice, and green beans. Tuna fish sandwich on whole grain bread, walnuts, and an apple. Smoothie recipes are great to have on hand too! Here's one from  web.noom.com/

  1. 1 peeled and frozen banana
  2. 3 whole leaves of Kale
  3. 1 tablespoon hemp seeds
  4. 1 cup unsweetened almond milk
  5. 1 cup water


3. Be active for 20-30 minutes every day. Take a brisk walk. Use that exercise equipment you spent hundreds of dollars on sitting in the corner. Purchase some inexpensive workout accessories.  I need to tell you that a strenuous workout is not necessary to keep you in shape. If you can't get motivated to get moving do whole body stretches for your muscles and bones. 


4. Add effective strength-training poses and moves. Such as planks, squats, and the glute bridge, read more here WHY YOU SHOULD ADD THE GLUTE BRIDGE EXERCISE TO YOUR DAILY WORKOUT


5. Release the pressure on yourself to be perfect. Because you won't be and your not. The BEST thing you can do for yourself is realize it takes time and practicing healthy habits daily. Realize you will mess up and it's okay. Just make your next choice a healthier one for your body and your mind. 


Start healthy habits! You will begin to look and feel your best because it becomes routine care you are giving yourself. That pays off big. Aren't you worth it? 



I'm Sabrina with Curly Girl Fitness. I have tried to lose weight all my life. My habits had to change, and I was in charge of making it happen. You can too. Curly Girl Fitness was created to help support women in their fitness journey. We are here. We care. We listen. We support. 

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5 Tips to Immediately Start Losing Weight And Toning Your Body


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