Stop Rushing Through Life: How to Slow Down and Enjoy it More

"I'm just busy all the time."  That's what I said to my sister on the phone one day a few years back. 

She responded with "I feel exactly the same way." Further into our conversation we agree that we can barely find time to brush our teeth, let alone, workout or do something we enjoy. We shrug it off, but it's the truth.

At the end of the day, are you exhausted? Are your worries and to-do lists keeping you up at night?

If you answered yes, it's truly ruining your life and your health. Your life span is getting shorter. You just get up each day and go through the motions. The same torturous motions day after day. 


 Life in the Fast Lane 

Many women are living in what I call "The fast lane." Something is always happening. Your brain is constantly moving on to the next thing you have to get done.

You have a job or career that encroaches upon your life, sometimes taking up around 50% of your time every week!

Home life - kids, housework, spouse, grocery shopping, and meals takes up another 30%. The other 20% are usually obligations kids sports, drum lessons, doctors appointments, dental appointments, and running errands. It's endless. 



One day ends and the next day begins and it starts all over again. It becomes surreal. You just go through the motions, almost zombie-like. It's almost like an addiction. You are stuck, numb, unhappy, in poor health, overweight, and things spin out of control. It's time to make healthy changes and find a better routine.


How to Make Healthy Changes 

I have learned over time, that the solution is within me. Healthy changes have to happen to slow down and enjoy life more. AND you need to say these words out loud:

"If I want a better life, I have to change it." and "It's up to me to make those changes."

Suggested changes (some may not apply to you) 

  • Plan meals better. Cook extra hamburger for making meal time easier on yourself throughout the week. It can be used in Spaghetti, wraps, burritos, chili, tacos, and taco salad. Same with chicken or turkey. Bake a whole one. Pick it off the bone. Put in freezer bag. Label and date. 
  • Sit down, list your weekly obligations. Delete what is not necessary or needed. Start saying no. You are opening your calendar up for YOU. 
  • Sit down, talk to your significant other about making changes, get their suggestions. Discuss all options to help the household run calmer for everyone's health. Each of you should ask for help where needed. Neither one of you should be doing it all alone. If you are a single parent-follow next suggestion. 
  • Sit down, talk to the children together. Get their suggestions. Discuss all options to help the household run calmer for everyone's health. Each of you should ask for help where needed. Make sure the children are clear on the new changes and their roles. It's healthy for them to participate. The kids can help more than they do now. 
  • Eat all meals together at the dinner table.
  • After dinner, everyone helps with clean up and dishes.
  • Homework & screen time. Set it for an hour hour 1/2
  • Quiet time. No electronics. No TV. No phones. No tablets. No computers. No noise. Dim the lights low in entire house. Baths. Read real book or story. Have a set bedtime. This goes for the parent/parents too. 
  • Healthy routine. Every household needs a healthy routine. Everyone, including you will be less stressed, more organized, and it slows down the pace. 
  • No time to exercise? Do a whole body stretch before bed. Every single night. (You will thank me


    ) No excuses either! It only takes about 15 minutes. Find my favorite whole body stretch here!
  • Pick one day a week (out of 7 days) to get away for a couple hours. Have a friends luncheon. Go shopping. Go to the gym. Visit a friend or family member. Walk a track. Take an exercise class. Go to church or a bible study. Just get away. 
  • Ask for help! Your children, family, and friends are there for you. Lean on them. They love you and want to help. 
  • Lay out the next mornings grab and go items, the night before. The kids can even get out their lunch boxes and pick out and pack the healthy (non-refrigerated) options. The kids can also pick out their next day clothes and gather their books or home schooling assignments. Don't forget teaching them organization, responsibility, and preparation will help them to succeed in the future.
  • Do more together as a family. In the evenings and on the weekends. Ultimate List of 40 Best Family Night Ideas to Try With Kids
  • Get outside. Nature heals!  


 Get Your Smile Back

Clearly, it will take time, trial, and error to find a healthier routine. 

What works for one person, may not work for you. What works for one household, may not work for another.

But start somewhere. Implement some of these routines in your life to start making a difference. It will all come together. Read another helpful blog here



I'm Darlene, with Curly Girl Fitness. I'm a wife and busy mom of 2 boys. I've never been happy with my weight. As the years passed by, it became clear to me that I needed to make changes. 

My habits had to change and I was in charge of making it happen. I help inspire others with my story and what I've learned along the way. I know you can improve your life starting today if you set your mind to it! 

Curly Girl Fitness was created to help support women in their fitness journey. We are here. We care. We listen. We support. 

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