5 Must-Haves for Successful Strength Training


Hello fellow gym lovers! There is nothing more rejuvenating in the entire world than a hard, sweaty workout. That feeling when your hand grips those weights, the amazing adrenaline rush and fiery muscle burn! You have goals. It's your time. It's you vs. you.

Success comes to those who are prepared mentally, physically and emotionally! So, what's the secret? We want to share some tips from the pro's!


5 Must-Haves for Successful Strength Training


1. Change Things Up

To prevent a plateau. Change is good for your body to prevent adaptation. It's good to shock those muscles. You can change your workout, increase reps or weight. All are very beneficial for muscle growth. Try changing your routine about once every few months.


2. Give Yourself Recovery Time

A good workout tears down the muscles in order to build them up bigger and stronger while at rest. So, the truth is you are growing more during rest periods, rather than your workout. Allowing rest time between workouts will only increase your potential at the gym next time. Try it, it works!


3. Wear Clothes You Love

Recent studies have shown that your clothing can make you exercise harder (but make it feel easier). Athletes in red clothing won more events in the 2004 Olympic games than their competitors in blue, which inspired researchers to see if that was just a coincidence or if there is something special about the color red. 








4. Keep a Log

Write down your reps, exercises and sets and significant outcomes about your workout. Keep track of your personal best. Strive to improve or increase your numbers in future workouts. Go at your own pace. Keep your eye on the prize!


5. Focus on You. Stop Comparing.

Strength training is about personal development. That means your numbers will be different than anyone else's. Don't pay attention to what other people are doing. Put on those headphones, focus and block them out. If you can best your last workout, you have won.


These tips from the pro's will help you have the best strength training you've ever had. Let us know how it goes! 

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