3 Tips to Help You Beat Stress and Smile Again

 3 Tips to Help You Beat Stress and Smile Again


Do you show signs of stress? There are many symptoms such as, headaches, chest pain, diarrhea, insomnia, sickness and even acne. 


Stress is the way your body responds to change. It can be mental, physical and emotional. When faced with a challenge, excitement or pressure chemicals and hormones are released into the body.


That deadline at the office has your neck muscles tense and hurting. The kids have been fighting and you have a pounding headache. You are unhappy about a big phone bill that came in the mail. You just found out that Insurance won't cover a procedure. It's daily stressors, such as these that become overwhelming and can affect your health in many ways.


Too much stress can lead to long-term health issues. We want to share our best tips with you today to get your smile back! 


3 Tips to Help You Beat Stress and Smile Again


Spend 15-30 Minutes A Day Walking

There is scientific evidence that walking helps to keep stress levels down and helps to control anxiety and depression.

Grab your pet! Take a walk. Breathe the fresh air. Clear your mind. It does the body good and doesn't take that much time. Ask a co-worker to walk at lunch or break time. Being outside and around nature can boost your mood and help you to relax. Not to mention, you will be burning calories for weight control. We challenge you to find 15-minutes in your day to walk to destress! You will feel amazing.


Breaks Are Necessary

Taking breaks for yourself throughout your day is a fabulous survival routine. Take "me" time. Even if you must schedule it. Go off by yourself. Read a book for 20 minutes. Lie down and close your eyes and do deep breathing. Take a hot bubble bath. Stretch before bedtime. Go swimming. Find a nice hammock and relax while looking at the clouds. Sit and have coffee or tea. Do crafts or make homemade gifts. Take breaks for self-care to help you beat stress and smile again. You deserve it!


Food and Your Mood

What you eat has a HUGE connection to how you feel. Stress leads to overeating and making unhealthy choices. Sugary foods and carbs become our friend. They seem to make us feel better. But soon, we start to feel poorly and lack energy. It becomes harder and harder to make it through the day. It you have been feeling sluggish, drained, unhappy and tired, change your diet.

No, don't 'go on a diet', 'change your diet'. Add more whole foods. Ditch the pop, bread, sugar and pasta. Eat leafy greens at every meal. Add more veggies and fruit. Add more protein. Eat more fish and chicken to help you beat stress and smile again.


It doesn't take much time out of your day to improve your health and beat stress. It's all up to you and making better choices.

Make these simple changes to see a big boost in your mood and to feel better in no time. Won't it be worth it?

Set some new goals and then go crush them!



I am Sabrina Tutt, Founder of Curly Girl Fitness. We would love to hear your comments on the blog and your best tips for beating stress. Share what works for you below!  

Thanks for tuning in and we will see you back here for our next BIG blog.


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3 Tips to Help You Beat Stress and Smile Again



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