3 Steps For Putting An Exercise Plan Into Action

 3 Steps for putting an exercise plan into action


You've talked about getting fit for a while now, but you've never put an exercise plan into action. It's time to get serious! There are various reasons people never get started on an exercise plan.


Sometimes you put workouts off due to a lack of commitment, not enough time in the day or they you don't know how to begin. But just talking about it with friends, doesn't get much done.


Today, Curly Girl Fitness is sharing 3 Steps for Putting An Exercise Plan Into Action that will help you take off with a bang!


Put Your Exercise Plan Into Words


Use A Yearly Planner

Pick up a yearly planner from the store to get your organized. Do research to find your favorite forms of exercise. Plan out each week. Block off time each day to exercise. Faithfully stick to that planner. Don't forget to change up your exercises. Try something different. Variety adds spice to your life! Spice means you won't get bored and you will stay motivated.


It's more likely that you will stick to an exercise plan if you see it on paper and schedule it as you would an appointment. Open that planner every night after dinner and see what exercise is awaiting you tomorrow!


 3 Steps for putting an exercise plan into action



Go Shopping - Buy New Workout Gear 

There is nothing more motivating than having new workout gear! Right? So, it's time to go shopping. Leggings are hot right now. Look for high waisted choices for support and breathable material. Inspire others by choosing a fitness tank that rocks! 2 more pieces of gear that are important are a water bottle, to stay hydrated and a sweat towel to keep you dry. Rock your workout with the proper gear!  


 3 Steps for putting an exercise plan into action




Keep Your Appointment

You scheduled it, keep that appointment. Stay committed to your exercise plan. Your future depends on it. Do videos 1 week. Jump on the treadmill the next week. Try bike riding the next. Plan a week of swimming. Grab a buddy to walk the local park. Sign up for a new fitness class. Dust off your elliptical. Do power walks on all of your work breaks with a buddy.


 3 Steps for putting an exercise plan into action



We want your exercise plan to succeed. If you are given the right tools you can accomplish anything and we love sharing information and tools to get the job done. The secret lies in what you do every day and the choices that you make.


Thanks for tuning in and we will see you back here for our next BIG blog.


I am Sabrina Tutt, Founder of Curly Girl Fitness. Who is Curly Girl Fitness? Curly Girl Fitness is a t-shirt line aimed at encouraging women and girls of all shapes and sizes to fashionably promote their curly hair while also embracing health and fitness as a way of life. See our t-shirt line - SHOP NOW!



We would love to hear your comments on the blog. What motivates you to exercise?


 3 Steps for putting an exercise plan into action


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