The Best Tips to Get a Workout in When You are Busy

Do you want to know the Best Tips to Get a Workout in When You are Busy?

This blog is based on my own firsthand experiences and battle with finding time to workout. My life gets crazy with work, my kids, kids activities, meal making, cleaning the house, and appointments. 

While I love my life, there's no time for fitness. As I collapse in the chair at the end of the night and say "Wow my to-do list is almost done." I can't help but feel defeated and aggravated because I did not get to exercise. 

It's a beautiful Saturday and I decided to sit at my desk and share the Best Tips to Get a Workout in When You are Busy.




Best Tips to Get a Workout in When You are Busy

Reading my Instagram and Facebook pages for Curly Girl Fitness tells me that so many of you are fighting a weight loss battle and need help finding time for a workout! 

If your goal is to look tightened and tone and fabulous, it's important to include fitness into your daily plans. 

Think about what physical fitness equipment you already own. Do you have dumbbells, treadmill, kettlebells, resistance bands, a rower, an exercise video DVD set you purchased, or a gym membership? 

Hey, you spent your hard-earned dollars on these items, use them! Set aside 20-30 Minutes each day and use this equipment to get your body moving! 




Schedule Workout Time on your Calendar

Set a date and a time and stick to it. Making and keeping this commitment is essential to getting into your best shape. Make it a special time of the day when you are doing something for yourself. 

Remember that all things take time. But you will get nowhere if you skip this meeting, and I'm sorry to be blunt about it, but it's true. Don't miss this time to shape your body and boost your mind. Because it's worth it. And the results you want are coming! 



Take a Class for Accountability 

Life can get so busy. We get up tired and go to bed exhausted. The last thing we we want to do is exercise. Nevertheless, we know to be in our best shape we must work those muscles to tighten and tone. 

Take a class that makes you accountable. You will show up because you don't want to waste your money. My tips about taking a class are to read the overview about the class. Is this a class at your level? Would you be able to keep? Can your body benefit from the program? 

Read the class reviews or ask questions about the class. Talk to someone who has taken this class. Pick a class that will be a challenge for you, but not too difficult. 


Find a Workout that Works for You 

Find a workout that fits into your schedule, because you are most likely to make it a daily habit. 

I have done workouts that felt like torture and they were short-lived. I did early morning workouts at my home gym for years. And because I stuck to it, I saw incredible results. 

However, I did get bored and needed change. I discovered a local Pilates evening class that I could do after work for 45-Minutes and then go home for the evening. It worked for me. 

When I spoke to a friend on the phone last week, she was telling me that she started a walking routine. She walks on her lunch break with a co-worker and walks after dinner with her daughter. She has lost nineteen pounds in 2 months sticking to that routine and she has advanced to doing a power walk now. 

There are many options, just make a choice and do it! 


Do Online Research

Do online research. Make a list of workouts that take 20-30 minutes. There are so many videos, blogs, and programs out there for ideas. I know that you can find something that you love and will look forward to. 

Look for something that excites you and provides you with challenges but gives you the reward of great-looking body!

Look at your local YMCA or other for other places that offer fitness classes in your area. Or look at the gyms in your area. Check into the pricing. Would you utilize the gym to get your money's worth? 

Try tennis, pickleball, or swimming for fun and exercise wrapped up all in one. Find a fitness friend and sweat together! 


Review Your Daily Routine

Take a look at your daily routine. Where could your workout of choice fit into your schedule? Pencil it in. Be loyal to it. Sweat. Move. Burn calories. Tighten and tone. Stay true to your health. You'll love the results.

Be available for it just like everything else in your life. Make it a priority! We hope you've enjoyed our latest blog The Best Tips to Get a Workout in When You are Busy


We have a question for you. What are your Best Tips to Get a Workout in When You are Busy?



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