Quick Moves You Can Do Anywhere to Lose Inches Off Your Waistline

Quick Moves You Can Do Anywhere to Lose Inches Off Your Waistline


If you could snap your fingers and lose weight—wouldn't it be wonderful?

Although, in reality, that's not how it works. There is work involved. 

When you have to work hard to achieve something and you get no results,  somehow that can reverse things in your mind and it turns your motivation off. It kind of kills the mood and detours your efforts. That's stops you from moving forward. You just flat out dread it. You never reach your goal. Sound familiar?

Nevertheless, losing weight weighs heavy on your mind, it lingers constantly, and it never leaves. 

Someday, you must wake up and take action. There's no secret solution. You know that you must change your habits and incorporate movement into your day. 

Where do you start? What do you do that doesn't take tons of time, yet gets the job done? What exercises are the most effective and will help you progress in your "Get fit for life journey?" Read on...

Quick Moves You Can Do Anywhere to Lose Inches Off Your Waistline



Fitness experts will tell you that squats are super effective in strengthening lower body and core muscles, burning calories, and helping you lose weight. There are many squat variations out there to change up your routine. Add resistance bands or dumbbells. You can find thousands of squat videos on YouTube, here's one to get you started Click Here! Commit just 15 minutes per day and you will start dropping inches in that waist area fast!



Make a mental note to put planks as your #1 strategy for losing inches off of your waist, fast. Because it's very true. Planking is very effective in strengthening your core. It reduces tummy fat, makes the tummy tight, and even boosts your metabolism. Hold your plank for 1 minute (it's a challange). Relax and then go right back into position. Hold the plank for as long as you can (increase a little each session). Planks will tone your waistline very quickly. Make them a daily habit! Do some planking now, go here! 


Waist Stretches

Shred those waistline inches with waist stretches. Stretch your oblique muscles with side bends, which can be performed with or without dumbbells. If using dumbbells, hold one in each hand. Stand with your feet hip-width apart. Keep both arms by your sides as you bend your torso toward the right. Bend and lift 12 to 24 times on each side to stretch, slim down and lengthen the obliques. Increase reps as you go. Powerful moves to shred inches off that problematic belly area. 

Add these moves to your daily routine to have that slim, sexy waistline in no time! Make the effort to get it done every day and your worries about losing weight will be gone. 

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