Squat Your Way to Sexy This Summer


Yes, you can squat your way to sexy this Summer! How? By faithfully doing your squats every day. Sounds too good to be true, right? 

Would you believe squats use almost every muscle in your body? That's simply amazing! One exercise tones your entire body and needs no equipment, you can do it anywhere, at any time and it's free!

There are many squat variations to choose from. To get the most out of your squat, always use proper form. Experts recommend that you keep your chest high, head facing forward, and keep your back straight. Of course, remember to breathe in and breathe out because muscles love oxygen!

Swimsuit shopping is here. Shorts and tank tops are in! It's time to take action. Squats are a powerful exercise that can get your body beach-ready, fast. 

If you're not convinced to try squats yet, read on!  


Maintain Flexibility and Mobility

Squats helps your joints and muscle stay strong, therefore as you age you stay flexible and get around to do daily activities much easier. Lifting and bending is part of everyday life when doing household chores such as cleaning, sweeping and taking the garbage to the curb. Squats can help us perform our daily duties with ease and maintain better balance.


Improve Digestion

The movement of squats increases and improves the flow of body fluids. This process helps your digestive system operate in top-notch condition. Squats also stretch and work muscles in the stomach and waist that encourage healthy bowl movements.


Strong Muscles and Bones

Strong muscles and bones mean less pain and injuries as we get older. Many injuries as we age are due to weak muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints. Squats help to build and strengthen these areas preventing future trips to the ER or doctor's office.


Cellulite Blaster

Studies have shown that doing squats along with a healthy diet can reduce cellulite. Squats promote healthy circulation, which sends more oxygen and nutrients to your muscles. Therefore, blasting cellulite. Oh, don't you just love squats now?


Are You Ready to Squat Your Way to Sexy This Summer?


Build Confidence

I know first-hand that squats improve self-confidence.  I was never one to be comfortable in a gym environment. Can you relate? When I am at home and start busting out my squats, I feel that burn and know I'm getting stronger with every set. My energy level and confidence has gone through the roof! I don't hide from the camera any more on vacation, now that's a fabulous feeling. 


Burn Calories

Squats are one of the best resistance exercises you can do to burn calories and build muscle mass. When you perform squats you are stimulating muscle, which burns calories. Squats burn a ton of calories because they involve many muscle groups. That is the best tip of the day!


I personally love squats because I feel instant gratification! Over time, I have tightened and toned my entire body, including my core! The best part is that squats don't take up too much of my time. I can easily pump out a set of 20 or 30 during my day or even twice per day. I feel as if l did get a full workout in. That's satisfaction! 


Eat your Cheerios, get adequate sleep, drink lots of water and squat your way to sexy this Summer!


Tell us what you think about squats! Leave a comment.


Enjoy being Curly and Fit for Life,


Sabrina Tutt, Founder of Curly Girl Fitness


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