Simple Tips to Make Your Diet Healthier

Are you unhappy about your weight and your health? We want you to know that you are not alone. Millions of people are struggling with the same things at this very moment. 

Life is hard enough without hating how you look in your clothes, being depressed about what the scale says, fighting compulsive eating, and feeling tired and terrible all the time. 

We are going to get real with you right now, what you eat must change. This is the reason for unhappiness, cravings, weight gain, depression, and feeling terrible. Change is refreshing and change is amazing! We want to help you change.  

Simple Tips to Make Your Diet Healthier   

 diet healthier

Consume Foods Low in Sugar

Sugar packs on the pounds, causes cravings, and is not healthy for your body. It's hidden in the labels of your foods. Look for words like fructose, glucose, and corn syrup. When you stop overloading on sugar, cravings will cease. 


Add Beans to Your Meals 

Beans are filling and they are full of nutrients and fiber. Fiber helps you stay full longer. Beans are a great source of iron, potassium, and magnesium. Pick a bean! There are pintos, kidney, black beans, and great northern— to name a few. Prepare your meals with beans to keep you at a healthy weight and boost your heart health. The Benefits of Beans and Legumes


Prepare Meals with Seasonal Vegetables

Each season brings a new variety of vegetables to add to your meals. Vegetables are full of vitamins and minerals essential for good health. Visit your grocery store or local farm market to see what seasonal veggies they have right now? Do your research on which vegetables freeze well and stock up!  


Find New Vegetable Recipes

Search for new, creative recipes to add vegetables to your daily meals. Try new ways of preparing them. Experiment with new seasonings. You might just fall in love with a new side dish! Try Sautéed Broccoli


Eat Leafy Greens at Each Meal

Yes, leafy greens instantly make your diet healthier! Make a side salad with Swiss Chard or Mustard Greens. Add spinach or arugula to every sandwich. Put greens in your omelets. Mix greens in smoothies for a powerful punch. 

 diet healthier


More Simple Tips to Make Your Diet Healthier 

Add Greek Yogurt to Meals and Snacks

Why? Because it's a fabulous source of calcium, protein, and probiotics. Eat it with granola, nuts, berries, chia seeds, or even flax seeds. Add oatmeal or peanut butter to greek yogurt. Search online for ideas. Many combinations are at your fingertips!  


Eat More Fish 

Alaskan Salmon, Tuna, Mackerel, and Haddock are some of the healthiest fish to eat. Packed with nutrients to keep us healthy. Here is what Harvard. EDU tells us  Fish is a very important part of a healthy diet. Fish and other seafood are the major sources of healthful long-chain omega-3 fats and are also rich in other nutrients such as vitamin D and selenium, high in protein, and low in saturated fat. There is strong evidence that eating fish or taking fish oil is good for the heart and blood vessels.

How you prepare fish is important. No frying in unhealthy oils. Bake, broil, fry your fish using olive oil or coconut oil are better choices to make your diet healthier! 


In Summary, you can make your diet healthier with small changes. Small changes make a huge difference. Make a commitment. It won't be easy at first. If you fight  sugar and carb cravings, you will experience withdrawals. It gets easier. 

However, keep healthier snacks on hand to help you fight those cravings. Be armed and ready! 

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Share your best tips in the comments!  




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