Best Way to Start Healthy Eating Habits



Adopting healthy eating habits seems to be on everyone’s agenda nowadays. This is a great revelation! We are certainly becoming a healthier and happier society.


Social media and the news are showcasing restaurants that are serving a healthier menu and stores who sell organic and whole foods. Many customers are taking their business to these places. A healthy shift is happening, it’s catching on everywhere. 


How about you? Would you say your eating habits are healthy or unhealthy? Have you given it any thought? Have you made healthy changes or are you ready to makes some changes?


Whether you are a newbie to healthy eating habits or you have been at it for ages, here are some reliable tips to help you build better healthy eating habits.


Read on!

Use greek yogurt to replace sour cream. It works really well and if you are doubting the flavor, you must try it before you say no way. It’s really delicious! I use it all the time.


Avoid processed dips. They are full of calories, fat, sodium and sugar. Healthier dip choices are hummus and again, greek yogurt. These are super for dipping your fruits and veggies in.


Keep apples on hand. Top them with peanut or almond butter for a healthy snack in between meals or when those nasty little sweet tooth cravings hit.


Nuts are fabulous! They are a good source of fiber and protein. The shelled nuts are in the most natural healthiest state and they do a good job of making you feel satiated.


Fill ½ your plate with veggies and fruit or a combination of the two. This strategy fuels your body with essential healthy vitamins and nutrients. It also prevents you from overeating on other foods, such as bread and potatoes.


Choose healthier fats or oils. Vegetable oil, margarine lard or shortening all contain unhealthy fats and chemicals that we shouldn’t be putting into our bodies. Instead switch to healthier fats/oils such as real butter, extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil.


Don’t buy or eat processed food. With today’s fast-paced society eating out has become part of normal daily activities. Stores are filled with unhealthy processed food choices that taste great, but contain harmful chemical ingredients, high sodium and sugars. Make a choice starting today to only add REAL, whole foods to your grocery cart and to cook healthy recipes at home, using these ingredients. 


It’s been said over and over again to drink more water. Water is essential for the body systems to function properly.  When you keep hydrated, you concentrate better and you you are more alert. Studies have also shown that drinking water helps to prevent us from overeating. Great, right? Order yourself a great water bottle to carry all day long and drink up!  

Eat between meals! Yes, you heard me right ladies and gents, indulge but only healthy snacks. Keep hard-boiled eggs, nuts, greek yogurt, carrots, celery, granola, or fruit on hand. Stay away from processed snacks. Feed your body good fuel between meals.  Real food snacks have essential vitamins and mineral. If you eat more like this, body weight begins to maintain itself over time.

Last but, not least, remove all bad snacks from your home. If it’s not there, you won’t be tempted. So, toss it and trash it! Have the good stuff ready to munch on.

Healthy eating habits are key to a long and happy life. Prepare for your future now. Take your destiny into your own hands. The time is NOW to make healthy eating habits part of your daily routine-- for the rest of your life.

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