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Get moving with quick fitness tips that will change your life! Spring is the perfect time to begin something new. This time of year, is all about renewal. Everything is beautiful, vibrant and coming to life again. Many people choose Springtime to begin a new lifestyle by adding in fitness.

Try these Quick Fitness Tips To Get Started

No time to exercise? Power walk to the mailbox and go a little farther! You will be amazed at how invigorating it makes you feel. Small doses of exercise are just as powerful for your body. Don't underestimate that. Just keep moving.


Dust off that treadmill or exercise bike. You bought it with intentions of using it. My fitness tips to you, are to use it! Squeeze it into your day. If you are caring for young children or an elderly family member hop on your exercise equipment while they nap!


Use your time wisely! Your child has soccer practice at 5:00 pm every week night, use this time to walk around the practice area. Ask another mother or two to join you. Walking has amazing health benefits.


Dumbbells can be your best friend! Keep dumbbells on hand for easy access. There are thousands of moves you can do with a set of free weights to tighten and tone your entire body. Dumbbells don't just work your arms, you can strengthen your core, back upper and lower body. Try these dumbbell moves.


Join the local gym. Sometimes being with other people on a similar mission is the best motivation. A gym community can be inspiring and help with accountability. Don't want to go alone? Ask around. You may have friends or family who would love to get fit with you.


Fitness Tips That Will Change Your Life

Consistency is key! Make a promise to yourself to make fitness a daily priority. Keep that daily appointment. No one can do it for you. Set a time where you do a 20-minute workout DVD or take a walk in the park or around the block.


Swimming is fabulous! Can't find an exercise program you like? Try swimming. Swimming burns calories and works every muscle in your body. It helps your lungs and improves breathing. It's relaxing and relieves stress. Doesn't matter if it's the local YMCA or a backyard pool, swimming is a fitness winner!


Get your energy back! Many moms feel too tired and exhausted to exercise. That's understandable with mom routines. But believe me when I say that moving and exercising is the best medicine for lack of energy and exhaustion. It's time to fit daily fitness into your life.


Involve the kids. Fitness + family = Healthy living. Kids love to spend time with their parents and I believe that fitness has brought my family closer together. Walks after dinner, quick workout videos that my children join in on, laps around the soccer field, nature walks, and bicycle riding. Are just some of the fun times we have together getting fit. I recommend all parent to keep trying to find something that you all enjoy.

How does your family stay fit together?

Do you have any other quick fitness tips?

Thanks for stopping by today! 

Sabrina Tutt, Founder of Curly Girl Fitness

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  • Alice R. Birch

    Great tips really, these have really made things better for me in the lockdowns. Thank you so much for these.

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