How to Start Working Out for Beginners

Do you have a strong desire to start living a fit lifestyle? Curly Girl Fitness understands this need and want to help you be fearless and learn how to start working out. If you are ready to make a permanent change to enhance your life and achieve your goals, let's get busy!

 How to Start Working Out for Beginners

Start Simple

Your New Year's resolution has come and gone leaving you with the feeling of failure. Don't fret, only 9.2% of Americans feel successful at meeting their resolutions. You are not alone.

Don't be hard on yourself. Just adding 2 workouts to your week will make a dramatic difference. Focus on making these workouts a permanent part of your life. Consistency pays off. Keep at it.


Grab a Workout Buddy

Make a date! Don't be late! Accountability really does work. Grab a friend that want to learn how to start working out and shatter your goals together! Teamwork makes the dreamwork. Victory, victory, victory!


Go Shopping

Shopping is therapy and this time, it's an investment in your health. Buy a good pair of workout shoes, a supportive sports bra and a cool outfit that you love. When you feel good about yourself you can conquer anything!


Ask Experienced Fitness Lovers

How to start working out can be confusing. Talk to others who do workout to learn more. Chat with friends, co-workers or family for tips. Head over to a local gym and chat with an experienced trainer to learn how to start working out. Don't be afraid to ask around, we were all beginners at one time.


Choose A Workout That Excites You

Make certain that your exercise of choice—be it yoga, swimming, strength training, kick boxing, or something else—excites you! Loving your workout ensures you will show up and remain committed. However, always remember exercise should be fun.


 Everyone is A Beginner

We all start somewhere. The important thing is to just START. Stick to a schedule you can handle and the rest will fall into place. After all, you are creating healthy habits that will pay off long into your future. Stay focused, remain committed and stay the course!


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