Show Yourself Self-Compassion During Tough Times

Show Yourself Self-Compassion During Tough Times

Remember that time your best friend was upset about her recent job loss, and you were by her side, showing her kindness, and support? You were showing her compassion. 

Compassion means to recognize the suffering of others and then take action to help showing kindness and empathy.

How about when your niece was broken hearted about her breakup? You held her close and told her it was alright to cry and feel down.

You were there to encourage her, lift her up, and let her know it would be okay. Telling her that the road ahead of her would be brighter. You were supportive, kind, and showing empathy.

Think back to the outcome during those circumstances, what was the result of showing compassion?

I'd bet you'd tell me that your loved one became less upset and depressed. She felt better because she had been heard, felt loved and supported. That's a great outcome!

I often wonder why compassion comes so easy and naturally when giving it away to other people. But when it comes to giving it to ourselves, we don't show ourselves any grace.  

Show Yourself Self-Compassion During Tough Times


Self-compassion means is extending compassion to one's self in instances of perceived inadequacy, failure, or general suffering. Rather than ignoring them or hurting oneself with self-criticism.

My self-experience and research have shown me that there is an unhealthy trend happening when women (of all ages) are very critical of their appearance and weight. They also have a general unfavorable comparisons with other women. This is dangerous and can lead to depression, eating disorders, and even suicide.

Constantly criticizing your looks, every decision you make, or everything you say is very damaging to your self-esteem and your peace of mind. 

How do You Stop Self-Criticizing and Start Practicing Self-Compassion?

  • Ask yourself what type of advice you would tell a friend - Give yourself that same advice. 
  • Recognize negative thoughts, challenge those thoughts, then change them too positive.
  • Stop being hard on yourself, it's not a good motivation technique, it does the opposite and drowns you. 
  • Treat yourself like you would treat a good friend.
  • Give yourself credit for trying and accomplishments.
  • Focus on your strengths not your flaws. 
  • Remember previous tough times didn't last forever
  • Get proactive in your life. Make changes.

How can we be truly happy? It's when we show ourselves grace, compassion, and understanding. It's loving ourselves even with our flaws. That's when we become our biggest fan. It's the best thing you can do for yourself. 

If you or someone you know is having issues in this area, please have them talk to someone right away. A family physician, a counselor, or call the National Suicide Prevention Hot Line. 800-273-8255


Is it easy or hard for you to show self-compassion to yourself? 


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