7 Ways to Give Dad a Father's Day to Remember Without Spending a Dime

Father's Day is exciting because we get to celebrate our beloved dads! 

Each year we have an opportunity to do something special for him. However, coming up with new and different ideas can be a big challenge!

What will you choose to do this year for your father on Father's Day? Hurry, It's fast approaching! 

Will you run out to the store and buy him his favorite cologne? Will you get him a card, a big hug, or take him out to eat at his favorite restaurant? These are all fantastic Father's Day ideas that dad would certainly love. 

Nevertheless, some of us might be looking to do something more creative or different that won't take much money. Like something that expresses the feelings we have or shows them why they are special to us. 

We have a few inexpensive, creative Father's Day ideas and surprises that will certainly make the man of the day feel super special.    


7 Ways to Give Dad a Father's Day to Remember Without Spending a Dime

7 Ways to Give Dad a Father's Day to Remember without Spending a Dime 

1. Make Dad A Meal 

Let dad sleep in and bring him breakfast in bed. Scrambled eggs, toast, pancakes. waffles, coffee, juice, or fruit are always great choices. If you know his favorites, whip them up and serve them with a smile. A fabulous way to start the day. Read this for meal ideas 

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7 Ways to Give Dad a Father's Day to Remember without Spending a Dime


2. Draw or Paint Dad A Picture

Doesn't matter if you are a preschooler, teenager, or grown adultArt is a gift dad will treasure forever. Use creativity and paint something special triggers a good memory or a place or a favorite thing or pet. 

3. Give Memories

Create a pic collage, book of pictures or frame some pictures. Most people have extras frames around the house, use those! If not, make a DIY photo frame using materials around the home or gathered in nature! Pictures are memories and memories are priceless. A moment captured in time.

4. Make the Miles Between You Seem Closer 

Does dad live miles away? Make a special phone call. Revisit special memories. Tell him the lessons you learned that he taught you. Write him a letter or poem and read it to him. Tell Dad a good joke. Laughter is great and you will surely be able to tell he is smiling on the other end of that phone!

7 Ways to Give Dad a Father's Day to Remember without Spending a Dime

5. Take Dad on A Picnic 

Head to your favorite state park or picnic area. Just getting dad outside and spending time with him will be a wonderful day for all! It's a new memory. He will feel very special. Prepare a few simple items to munch on, sandwiches and fruit will do just fine! 

6. Make A Special Cake or Dessert 

They say the best way to make a man happy is to feed him! Use ingredients that you have on-hand in the pantry. I always say "Use what you have on hand!" Whip up a cake or a dessert to treat him. Get creative, add sprinkles, or chopped nuts. Dad will be thrilled because you thought of him! 

7. Do a Movie + Popcorn Date

Pick a movie to watch with dad. Will you choose one of his favorites or will you choose something new? He will enjoy the idea of kicking his feet up, lounging on the couch while watching a good movie with you! Feed him a few bowls of popcorn served with his favorite cold drinks, and he will be a very happy dad!  


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