7 Healthy Morning Habits for A Happier You

 7 Healthy Morning Habits for A Happier You



The rush is on. The alarm just went off. You hit the snooze 3 times before heaving yourself out of bed. Running late again. No time to make that breakfast sandwich and you can't find those dang car keys! 


As you approach the car, you glance down to see that you have 2 different shoes on!


Shaking your head and mumbling (not nice words), you run back in the house to search for that shoe.


This is becoming a typical morning routine for you.


When you start the day in turmoil it tends to snowball and usually doesn't get any better. Am I right?


Concentrating at work becomes more challenging. Emotions are on edge and you feel defeated. It's hard to make it through the rest of the work day.


It's time to change, for good.


For your health. For a happier you!


Take these suggestions and make tomorrow morning the best!


 Healthy Morning Habits for A Happier You


1 Hour to Rise

We can be our own worst enemy.  Why do we make ourselves rush?  Set that alarm at least 1 hour prior to your arrival time. Allow yourself time to wake up and get it together. If you plan your morning better, the entire day will go smoother! Now that's a simple solution!


Sass It Up 

Lay your clothes out the night before. When you get up the next morning you have no worries about what to wear. No more miss-matched shoes! Think of it as taking time to pull together that cute, sassy little outfit together that the ladies at the office will certainly want to copycat. Loving what you wear builds confidence and that's a wonderful feeling!


No Social Media

Did you know that millions of people are late to work every day due to spending too much time on social media?  Are you guilty? That alarm sounds, and you think I'll check Facebook really quick. Before you know it 5-minutes turns into 25- minutes and you're late! Don't waste time on social media in the morning. Make a commitment to keep it off. Take your life back!


Schedule the Day

Planning can pay off. Keep your day running smoothly by using a daily planner. Your life is busy. It's easy to forget where and when you are expected to be somewhere. Include goals that you wish to accomplish on your calendar.  It feels fantastic to see it all organized and on paper. Cross things off and make notes where needed. You can look back and see how far you've come and set new goals for the future. Checking your daily planner can become one of your new healthy morning habits!


Meal Plan. Healthy Eating on the Go

No more starving and excess weight gain. Again, we are our own worst enemy. Start healthy morning habits and continue them throughout the day with meal planning. It's not difficult. Make sure to eat often. Breakfast. Snack. Lunch. Snack. Dinner. Snack.


Eat protein with each meal. Add leafy greens to each meal. Enjoy fruits and veggies with each meal. Eat healthy carbs with each meal. Eating whole foods more often will help you stay full longer and keep away sugar cravings.


Shop smart. Buy a variety of healthy foods that will be easy to grab and go. When you have a plan, everything else falls into place.


Pump Up Your Day

Nothing in this world can replace how amazing you feel after a morning workout. Have you ever tried it?  A sweaty, 20-minute AM workout builds muscle, clears your mind and helps pump you up for the day. Gather your favorite song list and grab that cute outfit and get at it!


Take Time for Self-care

Morning is the perfect time to add healthy morning habits for self-care.Take daily vitamins or medications. Brush your teeth. Trim your nails. Drink lots of water. Take 10 minutes to curl your hair a different way or add a new pop of color to your eyes with a new eye shadow color. Look in the mirror each morning, smile and state a positive affirmation to begin your day!


Healthy morning habits can improve your day in very big ways! No more running out the door a mess. These simple changes in your life will help you to become a healthier, happier YOU! What are waiting for?


I am Sabrina Tutt, Founder of Curly Girl Fitness. We would love to hear your comments on the blog and your best tips for a better morning below.



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7 Healthy Morning Habits for A Happier You

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