6 Tips To Get the Body You Want When You Are Busy

how to get the body you want when you are busy


This past week on our Facebook page we talked about how to be consistent and get the body you want when you are a busy person. 

Let's discuss it today. I know that finding time to stay in shape is a struggle for thousands of women, but there are some easy solutions. 

Daily obligations such as taking care of the kids, making dinner, home school, and my career barely leaves time for me. I bet you can relate. 

One day, I got up to start my day and I just felt terrible. I felt like I weighed 500 pounds. I was sluggish and tired. Depression had set in. I hated the way my clothes fit. And my body just hurt all over. Oh, I should also note, that  that was the week after my primary care doctor told me that I was overweight because "You are addicted to sugar."

I told myself that morning in the bathroom mirror, that I had to make changes in my life and there was no time to waste.

At that moment, that morning, I lifted myself up and pushed forward! If I can help 1 woman with my tips, I'm happy! Here is what worked for me.

6 Tips To Get the Body You Want When You Are Busy

  • Face each day with a better attitude. Lift yourself up each morning and push forward! AND enjoy a healthy breakfast each morning! 
  • Your body systems regulate your weight. Therefore, it needs healthy nutritious foods to work properly. Make healthier food choices. PERIOD.
  • If you want a toned, fit body you must set a goal to get 20 minutes of exercise in every single day (YouTube is your best friend)
  • On the days you can't bring yourself to exercise—Do a whole body stretch (again, YouTube has many) Stretching is fabulous for your body.
  • Be consistent. Be true to you! Be your best cheerleader. If you fall off the wagon, get back on it ASAP. 
  • Cut out sugar! It packs on the pounds. If you go sugar-free you will see your belly fat start disappearing, I did! AND the extra bonus was that I stopped my cravings and the need to eat constantly! 

 In my opinion, women need to take charge of their lives. Take control of their choices. It's time for a new routine.

None of these tips above are impossible. They are all within your reach. Do the work and you will get the body you want. I promise you! I'd love to hear about your journey. 

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