5 Tips To Motivate Your Morning Workout


Are you reluctant to get up for that morning workout? We've all been there. That pesky alarm clock rings and you want to throw it against the wall! It's easier to roll over and go back to sleep, but your goal gets farther and farther away.
Curly Girl Fitness wants to help shift your mindset and find your spark! Get ready to rise out of bed with a purpose.

5 Tips to Motivate Your Morning Workout

1. Stick with What Works

Find your best wake-up call and stick with what works. Turn on some lights to get you going. How about a little music to get that spark going? How about setting a loud alarm? Find whatever works for you and make it a routine. 

2. Out the Door in 15!

Don't linger around the house in the morning. That's time to allow yourself to back out. No, no, no! The night before your workout, pack your gym bag. Prepare your grab-n-go pre-workout snack, set your water bottle out, lay out your workout clothes, socks, underwear and sports bra. Make it easy to be up and out the door in 15 minutes.


3. Grab A Workout Buddy

Accountability works! Make a date with a workout buddy. You will be less likely to cancel and stand your date up. Working out with a friend motivate you to get up, get dressed, be on time and stay consistent. It makes working out more fun and that's a win-win for both of you! 


4. Change Up Your Routine
Every couple of weeks try something new. We often get burnt out doing the same workout routines day in and day out. Avoid that by scheduling some new exercises you haven't ever tried. New experiences can boost your excitement, give you something to look forward to and you will want to jump out of the bed and be off to new things!


5. No Pressure. Start Slow
If you are new at this morning workout thing, start slow. Stretch or do a short jog on the treadmill to ease your body into a new routine. This will become familiar to your body and it will begin a healthy habit that will last a lifetime
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