15 Best Reasons Exercise Should Be Part Of Your Life

How many times in your lifetime have you said "I want to lose weight" or " I want to start exercising". I bet you've heard many friends, co-workers, and family say the same thing. 
We know what the outcome usually is...nothing! 
I'm part of that group, or was. I spent a big part of my life dreading exercise. When you dread something, it's very unlikely that you will ever do it or get it done. 
That all changed one day. I remember, I was sitting in the dentist office waiting on my name to be called when I grabbed a magazine to read. 
I came across an article which pointed out that most people's fear of physical activity stemmed from their gym classes during school. I could relate! Those speed races, physical fitness tests, mile hikes, suicides, dodge ball, and being humiliated if you failed or came in last.
Do you remember being pushed to the point of exhaustion where you felt like passing out? I do! Who would call this fun? 
Who would want to continue to do that for the rest of their lives? 
The more I read, the more my mindset around exercise began to change. It stated that you must stop living in the past, that it's time to toss what you know about exercise out the window!
It's a new day and a new time in your life. You must change our mindset about exercise to move forward. In order for your body to stay strong you need exercise. But it reminded me that exercise can be fun! There are hundreds of ways to exercise. Read this blog for some super ideas to get you started! 

30 fun ways to get 30 minutes of physical activity today

I can honestly say, this article instantly gave me inspiration to add exercise to my life. I was finally ready to to stop dreading exercise and start focusing on the benefits daily exercise would bring to my life. Let me remind you! 
15 Best Reasons Exercise Should Be Part Of Your Life

1. Live a longer life (repeat that) 

2. Prevent and fight disease

3. Improve your mood (feel better) 

4. Decreases anxiety and depression (recommend this to a friend in need)

5. Helps you to focus easier

6. Sparks creativity (good for your career) 

7. Weight control (most women want to lose weight-SOLUTION) 

8. Build strong bones and muscles 

9. Gain more energy 

10. Improves your sleep 

11. Gives you a break from obligations (combats stress) 

12. Sparks your love life ❤️ 

13. Like how you look in your clothes

14. Can help get you outside more (fresh air & sunshine is healing)

15. Builds confidence 

Move forward today with an exercise strategy that will help you live for many more years to come. One that will build your body stronger and will help you be with your family longer and all the other benefits we've listed. I decided that I was worth it. You are worth it too!  

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