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A Big 2021 Fitness Trend: Why You Need to Jump On Board

  2020 was a difficult year for all of us because here was a Covid pandemic happening all over the world.  States shut down and businesses closed their doors, including gyms. Exercise classes were cancelled, and all sports were shut down. People had to get creative if they wanted to exercise!  So, how did you adjust?  New figures published on 8 October show between May and July 2020, 39% of people reported to walk more and 38% reported to cycle more than before the outbreak of the pandemic. {source} Walking was a BIG trend in 2020 and continues to be in 2021! Why is everyone walking? Gets your heart rate up  Prevents chronic diseases Helps achy joint and muscles Gets you outside ...

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4 Sneaky Ways to Eat More Leafy Greens

  Did you know that leafy greens are packed with powerful nutrition? That's right! They are loaded with vitamins and minerals that are essential for weight regulation, blood sugar, heart health, and can even help improve our eye sight!  Some of us just aren't big fans of the greens. Did you know there are ways to sneak leafy greens into your meals?  It works similar to the strategy you use to get your kids to eat broccoli. They love cheese so they gobble down all those vitamins and minerals parents are sneaking in underneath.  It can be the same winning strategy for you! If you really want to get serious about feeling better and losing weight, adding greens is the...

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